Let`s find out, how our favorite footwear was evolving! We have written a list of the most influential sneakers in the history.


A lot of students wear sneakers every day and don`t even guess, that this kind of shoes has a long and interesting history. They appeared in the mid-1800s and looked like a dress shoe.

Let`s find out, how our favorite footwear was evolving! We have written a list of the most influential sneakers in the history.

1. Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik Modell Waitzer, 1936

Adi Dassler, the founder of Adidas, offered his new sneakers to the athlete Jesse Owens. He won four gold medals at Berlin Olympics.

2. Nike Foamposite, 1997

It is a favorite sneaker of a basketball player Penny Hardaway. Nike Foamposite is considered to be the first sneaker, whose upper is made completely out of one single piece of the synthetic material.

3. Pierre Hardy Poworama, 2011

Roy Lichtenstein was really inspired to create such masterpiece! His sneaker is like a cartoon! He used graphics and primary colors to make it in such interesting design.

4. Adidas Micropacer,1984

Adidas Micropacer is a sneaker, which marked the beginning of the wearable technology. It has a sensor in the left toe, which can measure running pace, distance, and the calories burned. You can see all this information on the digital camera.

5. Dominion Rubber Company Fleet Foot, circa 1925

At the beginning of the 20th century, women began to participate in different sports. The first female sneakers were high-heeled. 

6. Nike Air Jordan I, 1985

These sneakers were created specially for Michael Jordan. They are black and red, because these are the colors of his team the Chicago Bulls.

7. Nike x Supreme Dunk High Pro SB, 2003

These sneakers are one of the most sought-after and one of the rarest shoes in the whole world. They were made in collaboration with the world-known skate brand Supreme.

8. Puma x Undefeated Clyde Gametime Gold, 2012

These sneakers brought many US Men`s Basketball team the gold medals. They are golden with perforation all over them.

9. Nike x Tom Sachs NikeCraft Lunar Underboot Aeroply Experimentation Research Boot Prototype, 2008 – 12

Tom Sachs worked in collaboration with Nike to create such collection of the sneakers. You can see his name written all over the sneaker. That is because Nike didn`t want to separate the creator from his product.

10. Louis Vuitton x Kanye West Don, 2009

Only people with a taste for luxury could create such ultra-posh sneakers. Kanye West and Louis Vuitton used premium materials and 24k gold shoe lace rings to make the sneakers of such unusual design. 

11. Adidas x Run-DMC 25th Anniversary Superstar, 2011

These sneakers, which originally debuted in 1986, were redesigned by Adidas. They became the first non-athletes, which received the sneaker contract. People wore these sneakers without laces.

12. Converse Gripper, late 1940s – early 1950s

These sneakers are made of the post-war “army duck cloth’’ and are notable for their chunky ribbed toes. They have the additional cushioning for playing different sport games.

13. Converse Rubber Shoe Company All Star/Non Skid, 1917

The white canvas Non Skid and the brown canvas All Star were marketed by Converse in 1917. Chuck Taylor began to promote them in the early `20s. That`s why they were named after him in 1934.

14. Thomas Dutton and Thorowgood Running Shoe, 1860-65

We can`t say, that in the 1800s, the running shoes were sporty. They looked liked the dress shoes. This sneaker has a strep across the instep over the laces and spikes on its sole.

15. Adidas Stan Smith, circa 1980s

These sneakers were primarily created for playing tennis and were named after Robert Haillet, who was the French tennis player. After he retired from tennis, Stan Smith became the sneakers` new frontman.

16. Common Projects Achilles Low, 2015

Common Projects created the perfect, plain white low-top sneaker. This brand is famous for its minimalist approach to luxury sneakers.

17. Nike Air Jordan III, 1988

Due to the elephant print accents, these sneakers look worn-in even being new. This is the first shoe, which featured the iconic Jumpman logo.

18. Nike Waffle Trainer,1974

Nike Waffle Trainer is a lightweight running shoe with a feather-light and durable sole. The upper is made out of the nylon, which was new for those times.