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Title: New Aural Discourse

New Aural Discourse holds four fresh, futuristic and far-sighted British takes on Detroit techno by arguably one of electronic music's best-kept secrets. This is N.A.D.'s comeback release after over 25 years and it's a proud salute to the classic sounds of the Motor City. Starting off with the hi-tech soul of "Ontologic", they're then into some UR style intergalactic transmissions on "A Sense Of Finitude". The flip features what we thought was a highlight in the form of "Transmatting" with its complex drum programming, funky bassline and evocative strings: it sounds like an old Transmat (hey, hang on!) style jam. Initially, the duo of Tony Thorpe and Mustafa Ali released one album entitled The Dawn Of A New Age, which was on sale for little more than a week before it vanished from record store shelves. Decades after it was created, their forgotten debut album became something of a 'must-have' for electronic music collectors.

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Title: Ce Zici Pisi? EP
Artist: VRAC

VRAC step up to firmly deliver the goods on MFLOW7 with an EP consisting of four varied tracks pushing the boundaries of electronic music. Melliflow is an electronic music label based in Berlin, founded and curated by Vera & Alexandra.

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Title: Holy Bread EP

Lumbago is proud to introduce The Signal Phantasm for their first release, a duo composed of two folks from South of France. You'll Be able to feel their sensual crazyness threw this EP, between house, techno & breakbeat.

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