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Title: Private Life

Over two years at the tail end of the 1990s, Damon Wild and Mederic Nebinger delivered a string of impressive 12" singles as Blue Maxx. 1998's Private Life EP, which featured a trio of untitled tracks, was arguably the strongest of the lot - a fact that perhaps explains the high prices of second-hand copies online. This timely reissue presents all three tracks as they were all those years ago, beginning with the bustling, Motor City-influenced groove and warm, New Jersey style organs of "Track 1". Over on the flip, "Track 2" is a deep and spacey affair, with bleeping, high register melodies and sumptuous chords riding a hybrid electro/techno beat pattern, while "Track 3" is a classic chunk of Detroit techno lusciousness.

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Title: Cuts EP
Artist: Breakfast Musik Spain

Cuts is the first release of Cosmonaut for Breakfast Musik. The EP is a compilation of his latest productions, showing his versatility as a producer, with tracks flying in between electro, deep house, acid and techno, always on the hunt of his own unique style.

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Title: The Grass Is Always Greener EP
Artist: Low Money Music Love

Lowmoneymusiclove Eleven with our dear friend and Seekers Sensei Alex Picone. Four elegantly crafted cuts for all times & feelings...Cause the grass is always greener.

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