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Title: Electric Wig (reissue)(remastered)


Paul Hester created his cult Moon Music label in 1997 as a portal for his own productions and sounds. The label was short-lived, with only 3 releases in it's catalogue, all produced by Hester himself. Those few releases on Moon are now highly sought after among House and Techno aficionados who are forever seeking that deeper groove. The interesting part of this story, beyond the amazing music that was released, is that there are many other tracks that never saw the light of the day, thus leaving the full Moon story untold.

The 'Electric Wig EP' was the first release on the label and is here in fully remastered reissue form, with all racks lovingly transferred from Paul Hester's private, personal DAT stash. Classic, deep UK Techno sounds from the pre-millenium era, re-presented for the first time for 2017's dancefloors. Across these 2 tracks and 2 lock grooves we are treated to a sound that is timeless and will undoubtedly gain Paul Hester new fans while reminding those of us who were there in the late 90's about his subtle and uniquely fresh production style.
*Rock non-stop*

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Title: Move

Ahead of their 5th anniversary CPU announce 50th release with rebuilds of 2 rare bleep techno tracks from 1990 - in a one-off purple sleeve!

Originally released on white label, 'Move' was written by Dean Marriott aka D.Ramirez and Lloyd Douglass and recorded in Sheffield in 1990. Only a small run were pressed which is reflected today by their high price on discogs.

These rare white labels by Detromental became legendary in the Sheffield techno scene as CPU label boss Chris Smith recalls: "they sounded like they should have been on Warp", comparing them to the likes of Forgemasters, LFO and Nightmares on Wax.

Last year Chris noticed the track 'Rewind' had been posted on a techno group on Facebook and Sheffield DJ Richard Hardcastle tagged Dean in the comments, knowing he was the original artist.

Chris contacted Dean to ask if the master tapes still existed, unfortunately they were lost so Chris asked for permission to rebuild the tracks. Dean was sceptical at first as techno cover versions rarely work, but Chris's keen eye for detail saw faithful reproductions using many of the synthesizers used to make the originals.

This project is a labour of love for Chris as these tracks were among his favourites from the era. Huge respect to Dean & Lloyd for writing them and graciously allowing this project to happen some 27 years after they were originally made.

As with all tracks in the 'Yorkshire Bleep & Bass' genre, watch yer bass bins - I'm tellin' ya!

Mixed & mastered at Computer Club Sheffield.

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Title: Metamorphasis (reissue)

Ron Allen and Hayden Andre are two artist names that some may not be familiar with outside of rare record aficionado circles, but they certainly deserve to have more credit. They crafted some of the most original, fresh, deep and interesting house and techno records to come out of their native Canada. Originally released in 1991, and the first release on their soon to be cult imprint Strobe, 'Metamorphasis' is a strong statement of intent, across six tracks Allen and Andre lay down a plethora of styles ranging from the deepest house sounds to more warehouse leaning bleep style tracks, deep sub bass, dreamy washing pads and taut drum programming are all the order of the day here and boy are we all the better off for it! This is essential stuff for all house and techno lovers out there, the real deal indeed!
The duo, and their label, went on to release numerous other future classics and gems during it's lifespan, some of which will now see the light of day again via a string of fully legit remastered reissues overseen by Ron Allen himself. A long time want by many, often expensive and topping the lists of those 'in the know' 'Metamorphasis' is now available again, as it was originally released way back in '91 with original Strobe artwork intact. Remastered and reissued from directly from Ron's personal source materials it's time these artifacts were made available again for 2017. A truly essential release!

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