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Il vero pioniere dello Skate modern, il primo a pattinare sui corrimani e l’inventore del “Gonz Gap”. Il suo stile è incredibile come da sempre la sua innovazione fa e continua a fare la differenza in questo sport che sta diventando sempre più polare ed identificato come un vero e proprio stile di vita.

thrasher magazine presents iconic clips of mark gonzales skateboarding in the 90s 012

Gonz ha influenzato forse più di tutti gli skaters più famosi del mondo che hanno iniziato guardandolo in tutte le sue performance spettacolari, tutti concordi nel dire che se non ci fosse stato lui probabilmente lo skate moderno non sarebbe mai arrivato ad avere questa notorietà mondiale.

Nell’estate del 1986 fece un ollie su una piattaforma a San Francisco, ribattezzato poi "Gonz Gap “ da tutti gli skaters del mondo, la sua fama e tale che Adidas e Supreme gli hanno dedicato un intera linea di scarpe da skaters e abbigliamento.

mark gonzales real to reel 2

Sotto un‘intervista telefonica.

Ring, ring…

2012 g mark gonzales 1


Hey, is this the Gonz?

I’m sorry, who is this?

Hey, Mark, it’s Sieben from Thrasher. What’s up?! So stoked to be talking to you!


No, Sieben. Hey, how’s Krooked doing? I’m stoked you guys turned Sebo pro. 

Are you speaking English? 

Dude, you’re funny. Anyway, how’s the art stuff going?

Art? I don’t make art. 

Right, right. Well, visual poetry. Illustrated storytelling. Whatever you want to call it. 

I’m sorry, who is this again?

Ha! Okay, run me through the first time you ollied the Gonz Gap at EMB. 

Gap? Is this a credit-card solicitation? Because…

No, dude. That’s funny, though. Okay, so what about when you kickflipped it? That was ‘93, right?

Who were you trying to call?

Nah, I get it. You want to talk about current stuff. I respect that. Okay, so run me through your day to day. 

My what?

What’s a normal day like in the life of Mark Gonzales?

What was my day like?

Yeah, your normal day. What do you do?

Well, I get up early, go jogging, make breakfast, go to work, come home, make dinner, maybe have a glass of wine and watch a movie, read a bit and then go to bed. For real, though, who is this?

Hmm, I thought it might be weirder. Well, when do you skate?

What’s that?

Are you gonna have a full part in the adidas video?

I honestly have no idea what…

Hippy jump! 


Anyway, so be totally honest with me. Back in the day, do you think you could ollie higher than Natas?

What’s a nottus?

Playing it cool. Classy. Okay, so you were kinda on the ground floor of this whole ATV thing, right? I mean, you could skate vert and street and you obviously helped usher in the whole freestyle-influenced aspect of street skating, right?

I’m sorry. I’m really confused right now. 

Man, I’d heard you were kinda hard to pin down, but this is honestly one of the hardest interviews I’ve ever done. Okay, let’s switch gears. What do you want to talk about?

Wait, you’re interviewing me? Is this being recorded?

Yeah, for the interview issue. 

Of what?

Thrasher, dude! 


Ha! You’re killing me! Okay, so what’s your favorite video part?

Video part? Like a movie?

Whatever you want to call it, dude!

Probably Blame it on Rio.

I’ve never seen it. 

It’s got Michael Caine in it. It’s set in Brazil…

Oh, snap! Like Carlos Ribeiro and those dudes! 

What’s that?

I’m down with that scene. Those dudes are rad. 

Who is rad?


Oh. Yeah. So, okay. Well, I need to go pick up my dry cleaning now. What was this for again?

Mark, for real, this was every bit as strange as I’d hoped it would be. Thanks for the interview. So stoked you’re still in the game and killing it. Hey, one last question: do I look like a street skater?


via Thrasher Magazine


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Mark Gonzales il miglior skate di sempre .


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